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Veres Marinade for Chicken

Veres Marinade for Chicken

Brand: Veres Marinade for Chicken
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To make your chicken flavoring, with a crispy crust, - you need a special marinade. Veres prepared marinade with natural spices specially for chicken. By all means your chicken must become a real fine cuisine now. After 30-60 minutes you will cook your chicken and get the impossibly tasty dish. 

Additional information:

Water, apple squash, salt, sugar, tomato paste, ground coriander, hot mustard seeds, acetic acid, ground red pepper, ground black pepper, mint, dried ground paprika, ground saffron, ground cardamon, basil, oregano, onion, dried garlic, ground wild basil, ground ginger, garlic extract, ground cumin, bay leaf, fennel, fenugreek, ground allspice, ground white pepper, parsley, sorbic acid, ground cloves, fennel, saffron extract.

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