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Many adults remember the taste of Gematogen from early childhood, when for them it was a delicious treat with a deficit of chocolates. Even now, despite the abundance of a variety of sweets, and our foreign-made treats some of their children hematogenous. Why is he still popular? What is the secret of this bar?Do hematogen? The benefit is due to its unique composition, which includes minerals, vitamins, proteins, and heme iron. Pleasant taste plays an important role. Only in hematogenous iron compound is a protein that allows for maximum absorption of the drug and does not irritate the stomach wall. The special manufacturing technology allows you to save the necessary components of the blood of cattle in this form. Recently began using new production technology, which uses instead of dry cleaned blood hemoglobin, allowing you to reduce the possibility of allergic reactions. Taste haematogenously add various additives - syrup, condensed milk, sugar.
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