About Us

Welcome to Yummy Deli Halifax, your source for European foods in Maritimes.

Yummy Deli was established in September 2013 with an initial idea to provide the East European communities of the Maritimes with a taste from back home. Within a very short period of time Yummy Deli became very popular between the local Canadians who come and enjoy the big variety of unique delicatessens from different East European countries like: Poland, Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Germany, and even some Kosher Israeli delicatessens.

Yummy Deli’s stands for Fresh Thinking, Healthy Products, Outstanding Customer Service, Variety, Support of Local Produce and Social Prosperity.

We invite you to dive into a new world of food delicatessens and get your new experience with us!

Enjoy our on-line stores’ selection of items with endless-world flavors. We offer a high quality grocery goods and catering services; ranging from savory caviars to handmade meat pastries, cheeses, desserts and so much more; most of it can be delivered over night to any province of the Atlantic Canada

You will also find a wide selection of health and beauty products, many of which are nature-made and eco-friendly. If you do not find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to ask us, and we will make sure to bring it for you.

It is our goal to become our customers’ favorite store for delicatessen by always providing you with the choicest goods and fast delivery.

Thank you,

Your Yummy Deli